So.....What Makes Stomp And Shout BrooklyN Unique?

ENGAGEMENT IS KEY (the first ingredient for success): We believe that learning can (and should) be fun! We've specifically crafted the pacing of our classes to keep your child motivated and excited, looking forward to the next activity! With instrument exploration and fun activities designed to strengthen your child's development, a Stomp and Shout class is providing a strong foundation for literacy, math, and critical & creative thinking.

CONSISTENCY (The next ingredient): We understand that long term music training and creative play can have a PROFOUND effect on a child's future. With that in mind, our session materials rotate and evolve every 8 - 10 weeks. Your child gets the benefit of consistent music & creative play stimulation, plus the joy of new stories, songs, and adventures!

NOT YOUR TYPICAL KIDDIE CLASS (our final ingredient): Our classes challenge both you and your child to play and engage in imaginative ways. Our goal is to provide an arts foundation for your family so that you can continue to sing, play, and create for years to come. We pride ourselves on providing a class that both parent and child will look forward to each week. Your kid's are cool and smart (and so are you)...you deserve a class that's special and unique.