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* Families can join us for one trial per semester.
* The cost of that class will be included upon registration
  of a full semester.

Terms and Conditions

Release and Waiver:

I understand that music and movement instruction require physical exertion. I acknowledge that injury may result during instruction, including but not limited to as a result of physical contact with other students, instructors, or fixed or movable objects.

I agree to assume all risks associated with my child participating in Stomp & Shout music classes. I represent that my child is medically and physically able to participate in an acting and movement class. In view of the foregoing, and as a term and condition of receiving instruction from Stomp and Shout and its representatives. I, my spouse, and legal representatives expressly release Joanne Lloyd - Solomon, Stomp & Shout and its instructors and the physical facility from all liability.